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We are making changes

Hope everyone is staying healthy, safe and sane! The past 3 month have truly been a test for all of us on so many levels, but we have evolved on this journey together through our daily yoga practice. You have all grown so much in this time and it is truly rewarding as a yoga teacher to see all your progress and transformations.

Our intent was to keep classes donation based but unfortunately this is proving unsustainable and we have had to make the decision to introduce structure. Our hope is the this will remove uncertainty and allow us to plan with consistency. We don't want anyone to make a commitment beyond their comfort level so we have devised a flexible fee schedule as follows.


Single drop in: $20

Weekly unlimited pass: $50

Monthly Unlimited pass: $150

Family (same household)

Single drop in $25

Weekly unlimited $75

Monthly unlimited $200

Young adults (under18)

Single drop in $10

Weekly unlimited $25

Monthly unlimited $75

The new system will become affective as of Monday 15th June, 2020 and payments are gratefully received in advance.

Venmo: #Juliastephensfitness

Further we are also taking Sundays as a rest day and as the weather improves the Yoga Model will only be demoing the evening and Saturday classes as he wishes to get back into cycling. The Guest Yoga Model on Friday remains with a free 45 minute private as a thank you.

We are grateful for your support to date and look forward to your continued support and growing our practices and community going forward. We hope that you understand the reluctant necessity of implementing these changes and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Jules & Jules

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