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Remy says: "ANYONE can be the Yoga Model!"

In recognition of the journey we have all be on together, we believe it would be fun and inspiring to introduce a guest yoga model once a week for the Friday 5 pm class. This will be open to anyone, irrespective of ability, it is simply a chance to show your progress and have a little fun during the class. We are not looking for perfection, god knows Jules falls over more often than not; so don't be intimidated or worry that you have not mastered all of the poses - it's more important to be present than perfect.

So, if you would like to volunteer, send me a message to 917.415.8484 by 12pm every Wednesday. After the evening class on Wednesday we will hold a lottery to choose that weeks guest Yoga Model, and you will feature on Friday's 5 pm class.

If chosen you can have fun setting up your studio with side view angle of your mat and don't be afraid to be creative. As a token of our thanks for all of your support, we will also include a free 45 minute one-on-one workshop with the chosen yoga model immediately following Sundays class. You can choose whatever poses you are working on, Jules will do his best to demonstrate while I will talk you through the detailed mechanics.

Don't be intimidated, we are all one community and each and every one of us appreciates witnessing each others progress.

PS. There is a guest Yoga Model Badge to be added to your collection as well.

Jules & Jules & Remy

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