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Hot Cross Buns Easter Tradition.

As promised please find below the recipe and step by step instructions to the famous Bermuda Hot Cross Buns. This is an Easter tradition and in Bermuda it is traditionally enjoyed with Fishcakes.

Full disclosure: In the true spirit of Yoga we all understand that progress is a journey not a destination, You will see us at the start of our journey below, and to be honest not much progress was made. BUT on another note we know now how NOT TO make hot cross buns. By all means enjoy the video clips below but do not attempt to replicate. We are attaching what looks like a more promising recipe.

Looking forward to seeing YOUR results.

1. The start

Making the crosses

Glazing the buns

Final assembly.

Considering that our hot cross buns resembled more a hot smutch bun we had a second attempt which came out much better. This time we followed the recipe that we posted below.

Final product- SOOOOOO GOOD. Enjoy!!!

In addition below are the quotes from the last 2 days. Also I have attached a collage of flowers we saw on our walk yesterday.

And this is my birthday/Easter bouquet - flowers from our walk.

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Julia Stephens
Julia Stephens
Apr 12, 2020

Thanks Nancy 😎


Nancy Donahue
Nancy Donahue
Apr 12, 2020

Good job!!

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