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Happy Tuesday Yogis.....Short week ahead

Before I forget, let me post the quotes from last nights class. Many of you have asked about them so here they are.

Are you getting frustrated by the wait or are you actually using this time to reconnect and rediscover yourself?

It can get very frustrating, lonely and sad at times even when being with loved ones but we cannot forget that we are all in this together. Might sound a little corny, but hey its the truth.

The daily yoga classes should be a vehicle for you to recreate some sort of normalcy to your life.

Since there has been a few issues and a missed class last week due to Instagram LIVE being down for over an hour, I am playing with the idea to move classes to zoom. Any feedback? Not sure if its going to be too technically challenging for some of you thats why I have posted a survey on IG story to get your feedback. Nothing is set in stone yet, just a thought I am entertaining. I will keep everyone posted.

Most of you know me from the Pure Yoga Studios in New York or Equinox but there are some of you who I have only "met " here orecently.

Below are 10 things about myself I want to share with you, not necessarily in this order.

10 Things to know about Julia

  1. I love dark chocolate

  2. I have recently become the "new" Julia Childs - well not really, but you get the idea. I love to cook and bake and I am lucky enough that my audience (yogamodelbda) approves of it and is very supportive even in times of utter failure.

  3. I love knitting - yep you heard right.. I am a nerdy knitter as you would say and I guess I am pretty good at it too. If you need any help let me know.

  4. I am definitely a BEACH BUM. Drop me off at the beach anytime- I don't like the cold at all. Not much skiing for me but if you need "best beach" recommendations reach out.

  5. English is my second language. Born and raised in Germany I didn't learn English until I came to the US at age 19 (just a few years ago). So please no judgment on my writing skills....

  6. I am a bit of a wine snob- I studied wine for a bit and I am very particular about my wines. If you need any wine recommendations please reach out.

  7. I am currently on LEAVE (unfortunately due to the current situation) but I work (20 years ) very part time for American Airlines at LGA Airport- which brings me to #9.

  8. Traveling is next to yoga my biggest passion. I love to explore new cultures and cuisines and prefer the "off the beaten track" experience.

  9. I love to garden and grow herbs. Using my own herbs for my dishes brings a lot of excitement.

  10. I love to create jewelry from beads or sea glass that I collect on the beach, Its amazing to see some of these unique pieces. Maybe I start selling some of them once things get back to normal.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day so far and I will see you tonight on the mat at 5pm ET.

See you soon yogis. Jules

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