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Happy Tuesday Yogis...

Hope everyone had a great start to their day. Some of you were in class this morning at 6:30 am ET- great work guys. Trying to incorporate some sort of a routine at the moment can be a very calming and helpful tool to stay more focused and motivated. Even if you are working from home and you have always been an early morning Yogi, you should not change this temporary situation that we are facing ourselves in at the moment by changing this routine. This is exactly the reason why we have started offering our 6:30 am ET classes right at the beginning of the quarantine. STAY FOCUSED!

Also, I mentioned in class that I want to work on poses that are challenging for you - poses that you might have avoided until now. This is the time to step up and face them. It's a different pose for everyone and it might just be trying to stay balanced in Bakasana (Crow pose) and thats ok. We are all at a different stage in our journey but we are all in this together, feeding of each others energy. Lets keep creating positive energy together and motivate each other however we can.

Quotes from class this morning :

Let's focus this week to actively put this quote into practice. Its definitely going to be a challenge but life is all about conquering challenges and getting stronger as we face them. Even when you feel down or depressed this week for any reason, remember this quote.

What are your struggles and how are you overcoming them?

I personally struggle with the uncertainty of the current situation. The Indefinite is a hard realization but it also makes it extremely humbling to find gratitude for health, family and community.

I look for ward to your feedback and input on this blog. As you very well can see I am not a writer by any means, but I am here for you offering support and positive energy through daily yoga and now with some added written words in this blog. Have an amazing day and I will see you tonight on the mat or tomorrow morning.

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Woohoo! Will be joining another 5PM class this week.

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